Bern Will Brown.  End-of-Earth-People: The Arctic Sahtu Dene

Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2014



Photo, above, of an island in an eastern bay of Great Bear Lake, summer 2013. (Taken by Ivan Gaetz, co-editor of End-of-Earth People: The Arctic Sahtu Dene)


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A new book by Bern Will Brown published....

ISBN: 978-1-4597-2267-5


47 colour illulstrations

19 b&w illustrations

3 maps


bibliography index



184 pages

35.00 paperback


also available as an e-book


My name is Ivan Gaetz, author of this web page. A couple of years ago I was asked by Bern Will Brown to help him bring to publication his manuscript called "The Artcic Hareskin."  Since then, I have had the privilege to work closely with Bern on editing the text, adding to it, and supplying historical and contemporary references to the persons and events cited.  I also had the honor to work with editors at Dundurn Press, the largest wholy Canadian-owned press in the country.  Jane Gibson and Barry Penhale were gracious, sagacious and entirely phenomenal to work with at Dundurn.  Laura  Harris, also at Dundurn, skillfuly guided the final touches.


I believe this book, Bern's latest, provides an important glimpse into the history, life and culture of the Sahtu Dene, a people little known outside the boundaries of the Northwest Territories.  It chronicles a way of life rapidly changing, taking on new froms of expression, while wrestling with the increasing advances of the 21st century.


I trust you will enjoy reading this book as much as I did working on it.


Many thanks to Bern Will Brown for another gripping acount of life in the Canadian Arctic.


For more information about Bern's new book or about Bern himself, contact: Ivan Gaetz


                                    ph.  1-303-907-4152


Here I am, doing one of the best things in the world, kayaing on Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories (August, 2013).

(Two photos. above, courtesy of Kirk L. Kemp.)

For a review/profile of the new Bern Will Brown book published in Northern Journal, March 10, 2014, see:



A preview copy of the book is now available through Google Books.  A simple google phrase or keyword search will bring you to same pages.  Check it out.

For another profile of the book and the work of Bern Will Brown, see the Hay River Hub:



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